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10 Free Tools to Secure Your Small Business Network

10 Free Tools for Small Businesses

10 Free Network Tools for Small Businesses

Ensuring your small business remains protected in the current state of the digital world has never been more critical. In our article below, we will lay out 10 tools that have free versions that can be used on small business networks.

We will look at the following:

Free firewall

Account safety

Search engines

Anti-virus for small businesses

Free Backup Software

930 Tech Anti Virus
Free Anti-Virus Software

  1. Avast provides free anti-virus protection for business with under 10 employees. After you hit 10, they provide the service for $36.99 for each license.

  2. AVG offers free basic Anti-Virus for Windows and PC.

  3. Microsoft Defender comes free with a valid Windows key. While it lacks in a few areas, for basic anti-virus, it does the trick.

  4. offers free firewall downloads for your network. ranked the program 4 out of 5 stars.

  5. Tinywall is a powerful free solution that provides pop up blocker, WiFi protection, and much more.

  6. Ever wonder if your info has beeni compromised? will allow you to find out for no charge. Simply type in your account name or website and click the pwned? button.

  7. While google is typically very safe, it has been known to track your information as you search. The alternative is DuckDuckGo. DDG provides a tracking free solution for those companies who want just a bit more security when it comes to tracking online.

  8. Trendmicro provides several free tools on its website. You can check the safety of your email or see if a website is legit. There are other tools including phone virus check.

  9. While we recommend using cloud services when possible, that’s not always an option. Backupper from Aomei provides numerous options to backup your windows workstations.

  10. Rightbackup is another option for backing up your Apple or Windows computers. With this software you can back photos, movies, files, and music. With custom settings you can select specific individual files.

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