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5 Reasons to Update Your Website Today

  • Need Updates - Plugins, WordPress, Security software, all need to be updated regularly. Updates should be implemented at a minimum of once a month. Especially important is if you are selling products online. PCI Compliance requires that you have the latest updates and patches installed to protect your company from any attacks. If you need assistance in updating your site, contact 930 to ensure every works as it should and protect your investment.

  • SEO hit - Google recently released a new SEO update with a focus on page experience. UX is critical. Speed, design, and ease of use are all now focused on by Google. As we all know, without customers, we don't have a business.

  • Small changes are a pain - Is it a pain to go in and make a simple update? Get a developer who can move your platform or hire a website maintenance team like 930 to take care of updates for you.

  • Runs slowly - Outdated design and software can cause big hits in speed. Slower websites have a larger bounce rate. Did you know 930 will test your site speed for free and let you know how you stack us against your competition?

  • Poor or Dated Design - If you have made major changes to your website in the last 3 years, then you are behind. Your business has updated and upgraded in the last 3 years, why shouldn't your website match that?

If you would like a free consultation on your website, contact 930 today at 865-951-7930 or email us at

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