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7 reasons to use TextNow for your small business

Small business TextNow

TextNow provides free phone service and phone numbers for individuals and small businesses. If you are starting a small business you may want to consider the benefits of using a free business number. Both calling and texting are currently free.

TextNow is Free for Small Businesses

When you are starting a company, it's important to be very frugal. Typically margins are raiser thin or nonexistent in new companies so the old saying of every penny counts could not be truer. Other companies charge between $10 and $30 per month for digital lines. For basic features, Google Voice is also free. Other companies like RingCentral and Sideline will charge more than $10 per month. These companies almost all have more features than TextNow. Again though, when it comes to small business you can not beat free.

Pick your preferred area code

While not all of your preferred area codes may be available, many are. If you are working from home in Knoxville but want to use a Nashville area code for targeting customers you can. A rarity that several paid services don't provide is the ability to have Hawaii and Alaska area codes. TextNow does have some strict regulations when using an outside code so be sure to read all the latest, most up to date rules and requirements.

WiFi and Cellular Calling

Call and text over WiFi

One of the most useful features is the ability to make calls using only WiFi. This isn't exclusive to TextNow but occurs in only a handful of digital phone companies. Google Voice allows customers to make WiFi calls but requires a cellular connection to do so. The TextNow app on the other hand does not. RingCentral also provides this option but at $20 - $30 more per month. With Sideline, you have the option to call but again like Google Voice must be connected to cellular to do so.

With the ability to call over text give you a lot of options that the previously mentioned companies do not. If you needed to make a call and all you had was your iPad then you could. You can also text using multiple devices so you can always be in the loop. If you phone battery dies, just switch to another device and keep going without missing a beat. Phone got dropped in lane. No problem. While you wait on your next phone, just switch to your tablet or desktop computer. You will need to be sure you have a working microphone to do this. Most devices come with microphones.

Free Cell Phone Service

Free Cellular Service

That is not a typo. With ads, TextNow provides free cellular phone service. One caviat to the free service is that you purchase a SIM card from TextNow. Currently they are selling the card for only $0.99. Other than that, you can enjoy free texting and calling with no limititations. There is also no charge when roaming in Canada or Mexico.

The one drawback is data. If you want to fully use your smart phone for its full capabilities, you'll need to get a data plan. Currently they have plans for 1 - 5 gigabytes per month. While that isn't much, the idea is to use WiFi as much as possible.

TextNow is trusted

Over 200 million downloads prove that TextNow is trusted. Some of our clients use the app on a daily basis with little to no issue. There is no contract or costs with the free basic plan so you don't have to worry about getting hit with a new fee you weren't expecting. While it could change in the future, TextNow seems to be focused on providing free plans to customers every where.

TextNow works with Twilio

TextNow works with Twilio with some set up to allow you to really maximize your calling strategy. Twilio does have a cost associated with it but it is still very reasonable. If you add your account to Twilio you can do call forwarding directly to your cell number without your clients ever seeing your direct phone. This works for both calling and incoming calls.

If your business relies heavily on good customer service (and what company doesn't) then you may want to match up Twilio's call recording feature with TN. With the two, you can automatically have all calls recorded without having to do anything outside making or receiving a call to the TextNow number.

TextNow Twilio support

TextNow has great support

From our real world experience, TextNow has great support. Our issue that we had was in regards to a number to being able to accept calls from certain carriers. The carriers we found out later were other digital telephone numbers. We contacted support and got a response in a couple of hours. Initial customer support techs could not fix the issue but immediately escalated the event. An engineer contacted us and let us know the issue was broader than the account we were using. Until the issue was corrected we received timely updates. Very impressive service for a free account.

Phone service for small businesses

If you are looking for the best phone service provider for the best price, let 930Tech do the ground work. We can provide you in-depth knowledge along with pricing quotes without you ever having to talk with another company. We have worked first hand with TextNow, Twilio, Google Voice, Sideline, RingCentral, Vonage, and many more. If you currently have one of these applications, we would be happy to provide monthly support for your business. Save money and save time by bringing on 930Tech. Get in touch with us today for phone support.

930Tech Phone Services

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