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Do you need a new/updated website?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Technology advancement continues to accelerate. Everything from web platforms, software architectures and frameworks, methodologies, costs, designs, and the ever changing relationship with Marketing and IT continue to rapidly evolve every year.

If you haven’t revisited your website strategy lately, you could be missing out on some of these opportunities:

  • Gaining new customers

  • Retaining Customers

  • Increasing Revenue

  • Brand Communication

  • Analytics

  • Business intelligence

  • Optimizing performance

Tech changes daily if not hourly. Even if you've addressed these issues in the past, technologies and platforms keep changing. Older technologies means you could be diminishing your expansion of your bottom line with inefficiencies such as additional maintenance costs and time required to deploy improvements.

Should you have your website redesigned?

Here are six things to consider:

1. Leads to conversions

Did you know that users typically will spend less than 3 seconds scanning your site for the information they are hunting for? The longer the end-user stays on your site, typically better the impression. Design is a key factor in keeping visitors eyes on-site. Surfers will give the benefit of the doubt to well-designed pages, and that first impression couldn't be more critical. Design is the first characteristic a visitor will use to determine whether you are credible or not. If your design is poor, your bounce rate increases. With poor bounce rate, comes poor conversions and leads. Build consumer trust with a fresh new design.

2. Speed Kills

Speed kills. Well, speed kills bounce rate. For every half second it takes to load your site, you are losing up to 10% of your users. While your site is still loading, the consumer has moved on to your competitor. People want instant results. Remember three seconds is all you get for someone to scan your page. To maximize your bottom line, every item on your site needs to load as quickly as possible.

3. Smart Phones rule the day

At least half (and probably significantly more) of your website viewers are visiting from their smart phones or tablets. Have you ever pulled up a website on your phone or tablet and the website was unusable? Unfortunately I think we all have. Modern web site designers are developing sites with a mobile first mentality. Can you do everything on your mobile site that you can on the desktop version? You should. Otherwise its costing you money.

4. Brand, Brand, Brand

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and so on. In a ever growing social media world, branding is critical. Consistent look and messaging couldn't be more important. Modern website give you the ability to post directly to and from your website on multiple platforms. Thus giving you the same look and feel all from one location. See how 930Tech ranks among digital marketers in Tennessee.

5. Data

Today's technology gives us a scary level of ability to learn as much as possible about our visitors. With Google Analytics and many other tools, you can track when, where, why, and how. You can also track Who which might be the most important data question. Is your marketing team trying to grow a specific age demographic? How about a key income group? With GA and other tools, you can find out just how, why, where, who, what, and everything in between to maximize your market strategy.

6. Be safe

It seems like daily we hear about another data breach somewhere. Safety online has never been more important. Customers are more and more concerned and aware about privacy and security as they visit and take actions on websites. Does your site have an SSL certificate? Did you know that not only does that affect the security on your site but it also lowers your SEO rating on some search engines? Protect your data and more importantly your customers.

If you need assistance on upgrading your website or need a new site altogether, can help. Let us show you what you are potentially missing.

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