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How do I SEO?

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Search Engine Optimization is a critical if not the most critical part of marketing today. As billions of smart phones roam the globe, online presence couldn't be more critical. We recommend hiring a company to handle your SEO as the rules tend to change every few months. Below are some tips for some of the major web site builder/hosts used today.


Log into your Wix account. Click on the Pages menu on the top bar inside ADI. Select the page that you want to set up. Find the Settings icon and click it. Select SEO Basics from the menu. Enter your SEO information. Enter the proper Title Tag. Be sure to add your site's name and location if it makes sense for your company. Click Let's Go. Your personalized SEO plan will appear in the Wix SEO Wizard. Wix has limited options but also has an advanced tab to dig deeper.


Open your account on Open your website. Select the page you would like to optimize from the pages link on the left of your site. Click the settings icon to the right of the page link. Click on SEO on the left menu of the page. Add your SEO title and SEO description. Be sure to keep in mind your targeted keywords. Make sure hide your page from Search Results is turned off. You want to be sure Google can see your site.


With WordPress, there are tons of ways to add SEO to your website. The most common and trusted way is through Yoast SEO. To add Yoast to your website, you will need to log in to your WordPress site. Once logged in, click on plug ins on the left menu. Select Add New. The plug in page will pop up. Usually Yoast will appear on the front page. If not, click on the search bar. Type in Yoast SEO. Click download. After the download completes, click activate. After you have activated the plug in Yoast will be added.

Click on Pages. Select the page you would like to add SEO to. Scroll down to the box that is title Yoast SEO. From there, you can enter in your SEO title. Remember to keep your keywords in mind when entering a title. Next enter your page slug. Be sure to keep the slug relatively short. After that you will need to enter in the META tag for the page. This is the information google will pull when your website shows up. From there you can analyze keywords and track your SEO progress.

Remember these instructions must be done on each and every page of your website. If you would like to discuss SEO with 930 TECH please reach out to us at To find out more about our small business SEO, see our DesignRush page. We have SEO plans that will fit any company big or small.



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