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How much does Digital Marketing Cost?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Digital Marketing continues to grow everyday, minute, and second. Not all Digital Marketing Plans are equal. To find out what is affordable digital marketing, let's look at what is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing today can mean many, many things. Originally, this type of marketing was simply a subset of your typical marketing. Today, digital marketing is the largest portion of your marketing plan. DM started out as website ads and websites themselves. It has grown to include Social Media, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Keywords, backlinking, SEO, GMB, and on and on and on.

Where do I start with digital marketing?

With so many options where do you begin? That all depends on your business. If you are an online retail store, you should probably build your store first. If you are going start a restaurant, your focus should be on Facebook or Instagram building. In most cases, you are going to want to develop a website first. Why? Your website acts as the center of your brand's universe. Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Instagram, Google Ads, company voicemail, physical ads, all will point back to your website.

Brand Central - Your Website

How much does it cost to build a website? There's no easy answer. Based on your business and how in-depth you need your site will determine the cost. Let's break down a few different levels.

Basic Website - Homepage, About, Contact, and Services page. Often referred to as an informational page. This page is a good starter that provides all the general information you need to let people know you are here. Now let's look at the costs.

Design - $400 - $800+

SSL Certificate - $125+

Domain registration - $10 - $500+

Hosting - $10 - $100+ per month

Cost - $655+

eCommerce site - If you add an online store to your site, things get much more complicated. You have lots to consider now. Security is critical here. You need to protect your customers and yourself.

Design - $400 -$800+

Store Setup - $500 - $2000+

Backend Setup - $500 - $2000+

Security - $100 - $1500+ per month

SSL Certificate - $125+

Domain registration - $15 - $500+

Hosting - $50 - $300+ per month

Cost - $1690+

Blog site - Want to tell the world how amazing your life is on a regular basis? Fret not, a blog is the way to go. Blogs are very similar to your informational site but add a post feature.

Design - $500 - $1000+

SSL Certificate - $125+

Domain registration - $10 - $500+

Hosting - $10 - $100+ per month

Cost - $755

What about Social Media?

Now you have your center, its time to add your universe. Social media is easy to start but gets vastly complicated. Growing a strong following is tough. It is also a full time job. If you want strong social media growth, you need a strong plan. Targeting, retargeting, branding, engaging, and maintaining interest are all critical. What does is cost to have a company run your social media? Let's look at a few scenarios. Remember paying more or less doesn't guarantee anything, much less success.

Facebook/Instagram - $500 - $1o00+

This typically will get you around 25 posts per month, 0 - 5 boosted posts (money pushed posts), and maybe some custom imagery. At 930TECH, we create a plan that fits your goals and your budget. We provide affordable digital marketing and successful growth.

Twitter - $350 - $750+

Similar to Facebook, most companies will do 25 - 50 posts and 0 - 5 custom images. That is not how we do it. If you need a custom quote, give us a shout at

Tik Tok and Snapchat- Varies ($100+ per video)

With Tik Tok and Snapchat are little bit more tricky. The cost is going to fluctuate greatly based on video quality, number of videos, and other factors.

Local Marketing

The most overlooked category of digital marketing. Local marketing is the fastest and cheapest way to initially get your name out. Most marketing companies do not focus on this portion of digital marketing. At 930, we always make this a key element to start with. Why? It has the most bang for you buck with the quickest (and sometime almost instant) results.

Google My Business ($100 setup + $100+ monthly)

Local directory ($100+ monthly)

Search Engine Optimization

The long game. Most SEO companies won't admit this. SEO isn't a one time buy. It is a consistent, long term strategy to conquer your company's world. Good SEO is more valuable than great ads, local marketing or social media. Why? Again those all point back to your website. Every company with a web site should be investing in SEO. Whether that's hiring us or someone inside your company taking care of it.

What does SEO cost? SEO is an onion. Layer after layer after layer. Different companies also need different strategies. Want to find out just how affordable SEO is Knoxville? Contact 930 today at 865-951-7930.

Our plans range from $100 per month to $2500. Each plan is custom to our client's needs.

For more information on SEO see - How to find the best SEO Company.

Google Ads

Google Ads or Adwords is probably the most straight forward as far as cost. Typically you decide how many people you want to get in front of. Once demographics are determined, your agency will develop an advertisement and post. Your cost will vary based off how aggressive your marketing is.

Google Ad Design - $20 - $500+

Google Ad - $2 - $100+ per day

Want more info on the cost of digital marketing?

Let us answer your questions at no cost. We can help you build a plan within your budget and tell you the growth to expect. We have 100% growth success with all of our clients. If you want to start expanding your business, see why Design Rush named 930 Tech one of the top Digital Marketing Agencies .


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