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iPhone 13 vs. Galaxy S21

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

I've been asked numerous times over the years as to that all important smart phone question "should I use Galaxy or iPhone?" I have used both for several years at different times in my life. The answer is simply either. They both have great features. Below I will grow through each phone by category and pick a winner.

Camera - While this used to be an easy win for Apple, Samsung has easily taken this category. Apple continues to improve but the Galaxy takes beautiful, professional level pictures. Zoom is much clearer on the Galaxy. Winner - Samsung

Apps - This is a tough one. Quantity versus Quality. App store offers about 2 million apps while Samsung offers another million or so. Apple has more rigorous standards for placing an app for download which increases safety. Lately several companies like Epic have been challenging Apple's requirements which could have long term affects to the app store. Winner - Samsung

Security - Apple has long been thought of as the digital king of security. Samsung phones are some of the most secure but Apple continues to win here due to their ability to control the hardware, iOS, and majority of applications. Winner - Apple

Battery - Galaxy has ruled this category from day 1. Charging times aren't comparable. The iPhone takes about 3 hours to charge while Samsung takes a little over an hour. Each phone lasts about a day on a charge based on what you are using your phone for. The life of the batteries goes to Samsung again with the batteries lasting about a year longer. Winner - Samsung

Operating System - For years it has simply been simplicity versus complexity. Not so much anymore. Android continues to make its OS more user friendly. Meanwhile Apple is constantly adding features that Samsung has made available for a while. Apple's proprietary software allows for better RAM usage. Android provides more options. In the end, iOS support is typically 5 to 6 years while Android is 3 to 4. Winner - Apple

Affordability - Currently the iPhone 13 costs $999 and the Galaxy S 21 costs $1099. Overall costs are relatively close. Samsung is slightly higher at $100 more but does offer a better battery and camera. Winner - Apple

In summary you can't go wrong with either phone. It really comes down to what you are looking for in a phone. We scored each phone with 3 wins. If battery is most important get a Galaxy. If the operating system is tops, go iPhone. To get the most out of your smartphone, contact 930TECH today.

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