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What to look for when hiring a MS SQL Administrator

Microsoft SQL is one of the most used database languages in the world. SQL stands for Standard Query Language. There are other versions of SQL too. The most common is MySQL. Both are their own languages but share a number of similarities. The most common is the use of similar commands.

MS SQL Administrator

What does a MS SQL Administrator do?

Before we can find out what a MS SQL Administrator does, we first probably need to know what exactly SQL is. SQL Admins work with SQL databases which are made up of tables. Within each table is a number of columns similar to an excel spreadsheet. Each of those columns then contain the fields of data for the table.

As MSSQL is a relational database, the data within the tables can be linked. This is done through multiple database table containing at least one column of linking data. For instance, you can have two tables. One for sales staff and one for operations staff. Both would still contain info vital to each table. One linking possibility may be the employee number or store location.

Once the tables are set up for the database, users can be set up by a MS SQL Administrator. Different admin rights can be configured similarly to Microsoft Windows. Users then are able to connect to database. Usually this is done through some sort of third party software.

What are MS SQL administrators responsible for?

Your MS SQL administrator will be responsible for everything related to the language. The admin will set up new databases if and when you create new ones. While this is more rare than normal day to day it does happen.

A MS SQL administrator will be responsible for maintaining all of your current databases. They may or may not do this alone. According to your company set up and your database setup, you may have multiple team members to carry out various SQL related tasks. If your current or future configuration requires a team, then it is important you hire someone with not only strong SQL knowledge but also an ability to lead. Some people are better leaders and others are better at high level execution.

SQL administrator interview

Who do I hire - the leader or the executor?

This is a question you'll need to ask yourself as you go along this process. If you need tow or more people to maintain your databases, then the leader may be right for you. Their job will focus more on ensuring the entire project goes as planned as opposed to actually carrying out the project.

For smaller teams you may want to look at hiring someone in between. It's important to keep in mind what your needs are both currently and in the future. Keep in mind where you want to be and look for MS SQL Administrators that can get you there. Experience is very important for the complex tasks. Small query adjustments can cause serious changes to your database. We recommend always hiring someone who is keen on attention to detail because of this.

Got a small team or just need one person to manage your databases? We recommend hiring one highly skilled person who can carry out a large amount of tasks.

SQL Administrator interview

What questions should I ask when hiring a MS SQL administrator?

You may be wondering what do I ask a new potential hire for this role. If you are somewhat knowledgeable in information technology and or database administration, then you can probably determine the right technical questions to ask. Those are critical in a hiring process of SQL administrators.

If you aren't a technical person then what questions do you ask? You probably want to ask about the applicants formal training with SQL. Many database admins come from 4 year colleges. Some may simply have a certification. Either way we wouldn't rule one or the other out. Pair training with experience. Another question you will want to ask is what are your current day to day duties. If your company needs a lot of custom reporting, then ask the applicant to describe a recent project where they had to custom write the report. What programs did they use? Did they write the report through a SQL query? What is the process they use to create the report from beginning to end? We recommend having a task in mind that you need completed now and ask the would be employee how they would attack the project.

Other questions to ask a MS SQL administrator would be in regards to working habits and communication. Ensure you get the right person for your organization.

How much does a SQL admin get paid?

How much does a SQL Admin make per year?

Glassdoor states that the average SQL admin in the US makes over $97,000 per year. For most companies that would put an incredible strain on company finances.

Most companies simply could not afford to pay some one that high of a rate. The good news is that most companies also do not need a full time SQL admin for 40 hours per week every week. In fact, the majority of companies can successfully manage their databases with just a few hours per week.

If you are looking for a SQL admin but don't need a full time employee, outsourcing to an IT Agency may be right for you. 930 Tech provides a unique level of SQL experience along with affordable SQL Administration pricing. Talk to us today to find out how we can meet your goals and save you money.

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