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7 Reasons Your Site Doesn't Rank

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Are you on

If you are not sure of whether your site is on Google or not, you can check using the (site: ) search operator in Google. Go to and type (replacing with your website) and you’ll see a list of pages found on that domain. If your pages appear, this means that Google has indexed your site. If you need help, reach out to us at . Once you have determined that - on to issue 2.


Your Page is a newborn

If your site or page is new, it could be a matter of waiting and checking back in a little while. Unfortunately, that means us to 6-8 weeks. There are a lot of moving parts in getting your content crawled, indexed and ranked. 930 TECH can get you indexed today even if your site is brand new.

Your site/page is blocking Google with robots.txt

You might have told Google not to index your content, but it’s also possible you’ve told Google not to crawl your site at all! This is a very common issue with WordPress sites today. Blocking crawlers in a robots.txt file is a way to never get any traffic - ever. Blocking google is easier than you might think.


The Tortoise is Winning the Race

Your website has to meet some basic standards before Google will rank your site. If your site is too slow, you will be greatly penalized on Google. This can significantly affect your SEO.

Your Site isn't secure

Does your site web address start with http or https? It is critical to have a secure, encrypted, SSL certificate. Without it, not only do you leave your site and your customers open to attacks, but Google doesn't like it. In fact many browsers may even block your site in general. If you need a certificate installed contact us today.


Internal structure

Google doesn't like broken links. Be sure that all of the links in your site are working and up to date. This is critical for backlinks and referring domains as well. There are some

tools out there to check for broken links.

Heading Structure

Every website should have a well defined heading structure. While this isn't critical, it does help you on Google rankings. If you multiple H3 headings, then the search engine grade your site slightly lower. All of your text should be coded to some heading. If you are not sure how or if your text is set up correctly - let us know.

Of course there are several other factors in determining your ability to get ranked. Key words, good content, sitemaps and more all go into the pot to determine where your site shows up. 930TECH can get your site ranked today. Email us at, or reach out to us on Facebook.

If you are looking for local SEO help, contact 930TECH at one of the options below.


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